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Hello and welcome to my page The Calm Collective.

First and foremost, congratulations on your pregnancy! What an exciting adventure that awaits you. The birth of my own daughter has brought about an amazing journey for me – I found that I was passionately in love with all things birth and baby! And so began my own journey.

I have since completed my Doula Training with W.O.M.B.S. South Africa and my Childbirth Educator Course with The HypnoBirthing Institute all with the heart and mind to support birthing families as they prepare for their home and hearts to grow.

One of the most influential women in the birthing world, Ina May Gaskin, has shared some of the most beautiful gems of birthing inspiration and wisdom, such as the quote I have shared here. Her words place emphasis on how important it is to prepare your mind, body and spirit for your birth. With this is mind, I lovingly encourage you to research all the options available to you, you may well find your heart, body, baby and spirit are searching for more!

Find a Child Birthing Education class that speaks to your heart and find your Birth Best Friend aka a Doula that can support and enhance your birthing experience. Your birth will have a profound affect on you, your partner and your baby, why not make it a beautiful and calm experience!?!

With love and peace,
Brigette <3

(p.s. I offer HypnoBirthing Antenatal Classes and I am a Birth and Postpartum Doula, if you didn’t know already. If you have any more questions or would like to book a class, please pop me a message or give me a call)
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